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News, Clues and Reviews

by Michel Fortin

The ability to develop a successful online business can probably be easier than that to which most would tend to give credence. On the web, information on any possible topic is available at the virtual click of a mouse. Suffice it to say, since we're drowning in an ocean of information the task of finding good, useful information is not always easy -- I should know!

As an editor, I am literally subscribed to thousands of ezines with topics ranging from ecommerce to news. Beyond my editorship and like any savvy marketer, I like to keep on top of things in order to always remain a step ahead. The multitude of links you read in IMC's Chronicles are a testament to that fact -- thank goodness for email filters!

But now and then, I like to share some of them with you -- those links that I think provide great content filled with helpful ideas and fresh information on innovative, up-to-date subjects. So without further ado, here goes another installment of my monthly "quick picks."


Want to learn dynamic HTML? Would you like to get your hands on a DHTML authoring tool using a WYSIWYG interface (i.e., "what you see is what you get")? While Shockwave Flash seems to be a growing trend in web site animation these days (in order to make sites less monotone), it is true that it is not yet a standard. Besides the fact that it requires a plug-in that must be downloaded, it feeds on a tremendous amount of bandwidth.

But with DHTML however, sites can become dynamic, animated, fun and also more palatable. Virtual Mechanics offers DHTML tools and information, and also publishes a web tips ezine with lots of great ideas, snippets of code, and both HTML and DHTML tutorials -- for any webmaster, regardless of experience. While their DHTML editor has a cost (it's not much. mind you, compared to most), their standard HTML editor is a free download.


If you own a home business, knowing what tools are at your disposal and where to find them often makes life easier, especially for the home-based entrepreneur. From software and ebooks, to do-it-yourself tutorials, the Home Business Center offers pretty much everything you need to make your home business successful, as they say, "the first time around."


A portal-like search engine, Professional City is a directory offering links to professionals, professional associations and self-help sites on various professional services -- from law and accounting, to IT and marketing. It also offers many useful tools, such as maps and directions, calculators and converters, government resources, and research assistance.


One of the best ezines around, BriefMe is a newsletter like no other. If you're overloaded but are looking for the latest scoop, BriefMe is packed with news, articles and reviews written by expert editors. In fact, rather than accepting articles from contributing writers (like most ezines), BriefMe hand-picks its volunteer editorial staff and even offers a private editors area.


In concert with the people at http://www.techweb.com/ (another info-packed Internet and technology news site, which also publishes an ezine called TechWeb News), Web Tools provides the latest news and tutorials on web development and Internet marketing technology, including graphic design, scripting, multimedia, ecommerce and Internet software.


If you want to know where your site appears on all the major search engines with regards to various keywords, the robot at Did-It (called the "Detective") will provide you with a quick, free analysis of your site's search engine rankings among the majors. But as you know, you shouldn't rely on search engines alone for producing traffic. Therefore, Did-It also offers a "hotlinks" service for strategic linking in targeted, opt-in email newsletters and sites.

About the Author
Michel Fortin is a consultant dedicated to helping businesses turn into powerful magnets. Visit http://SuccessDoctor.com to receive a free copy of his book, "The 10 Commandments of Power Positioning." He is also the editor of the "Internet Marketing Chronicles" ezine delivered weekly to 90,000 subscribers -- subscribe free at http://SuccessDoctor.com/IMC/.

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