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Good Chemistry between Client and Agency

by Josh Barinstein, Red Frog, Inc. (c) 2002

Good chemistry between you and your agency is an absolute must. It is the first step in establishing a healthy, long-term relationship. One that holds up not just during the good times, but the bad times as well.

Think about your personal relationships for a moment: family ties, friendships, your relationship with your local store attendant. Those that truly thrive do so because of strong chemistry. But what is strong chemistry, and how do you measure it? Well, it is not easy to quantify, but it can be felt and is known when it is present.

Good chemistry has a "clicking" effect to it. In other words, the qualities of the other individual click with you, and vice-versa. This includes how they speak, think, and carry themselves. There is something about their nature that flows with you, that you like and sometimes admire. And best of all, it is mutual.

So it goes in a business relationship, where you need a service and are counting on a vendor to deliver for you. If good chemistry is not present, eventually there will be a negative impact on the results you are able to achieve.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you determine whether this crucial quality is in place with respect to your agency:

1. Good chemistry is natural, never manufactured. When it is authentic, it sticks. :)

2. Since a company can create a front, it is sometimes not clear whether there is good chemistry or they are trying to win you over. Allow for some time to draw this important conclusion if you see potential. Things to look for in their behavior: flexibility, good communication, and an ability to handle issues well. Bottomline, an interest in your success.

3. One way to judge chemistry is through "test" situations. By creating scenarios of tension or conflict (nothing harmful, of course!), the reaction on the other end can be monitored for a solid connection. For example: setting up a conference call and later rescheduling it. You want to observe the response to your change, and see if ultimately there is timely attendance.

4. What others have to say about their relationship with the firm holds a lot of weight. Through spoken or written testimonials, much can be predicted about the relationship.

Remember, in the end, you cannot work well in any kind of relationship if you do not truly click with the other side. Be on the lookout for the qualities of good chemistry, and you will be well on your way to long-term success in your partnership!

About the Author

Josh Barinstein is President of Red Frog, Inc., the Southern California ad agency that provides worry-free experiences and powerful results in the areas of Marketing, Print design, and Web/CD-ROM development. Learn more at www.RedFrogInc.com or by calling us at 888-955-0550.

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