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The Difference Between Advertising and Marketing

Description or presentation of a product, idea, or organization, in order to induce individuals to buy, support, or approve of it.

The process by which products and services are introduced to the marketplace.

There seems to be a large misunderstanding on the Internet. People get advertising and marketing confused. The fact is that there is a huge difference between the two terms. Today we will look at the difference.

As you can see from the definitions above, there is a slight difference. Marketing is a process. It is something that takes time. An effective marketing strategy involves use of color, logos, and how your products and services are sold. A marketing strategy includes the perception people have of your business. Is your company a forward thinking company, a fun company or a large stable business?

Advertising is getting the word out about your business. It involves several strategies including placing banner ads, posting classifieds, etc. It is a very different part of promotion.

I am sure you have heard of market research companies. These are companies that do research on what the best way for consumers to perceive your products and services. What colors will sell your products best? What angle should you pursue?

As an example, let#s look at http://www.luxen.com/ they have a device that reduces the glare from headlights. After consultation with a market research company, it was decided that safety was a concern in the world, so their advertising campaign was geared toward safety.

Knowing the difference between advertising and marketing, and doing your marketing research well can make the difference between an effective advertising campaign and a campaign that causes you to lose money. Learn the difference and your business will grow.

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