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Give your Customers a Choice

by Sean Sampson

Have you ever walked into an ice cream parlor, only to find out that they only offered one flavor? Probably not. That's because they know that different customers have different tastes. Some people like chocolate, while others prefer vanilla -- and then there are some who only like triple-mint chocolate chip!

As business owners, we should keep this in mind, even if we aren't peddling ice cream. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that everyone has the same tastes, and if we do that, we are probably excluding large groups of potential customers.

I am not saying that we should try to be everything to everybody -- What I am arguing is that we should do our best to remember that not everyone is alike, and that by simply putting a little extra variety into our product or service line, we can expand our customer base -- leading to more profits!

There are a number of ways that you can give your customers a choice without having to take on a lot of new inventory or creating a brand new product line. Here are just a few ideas:

* Create a budget version of your product or service. This is a great way to bring in customers who may not be as financially secure as your normal customer base. Just dispose of some of the "bells and whistles" that come with your product and offer it as an alternative at a lower price.

* If you offer packages of services and products, mix them up to create new choices. It may be that someone doesn't need EVERYTHING in that one package, but they might bite if they see a different assortment of products or services.

* Don't limit yourself to just one product of a certain type. It's okay to offer competing products. In fact, many customers will appreciate that you aren't trying to limit their choices. For instance, if you sell books marketing, don't limit your product line to just one author (or just one kind of marketing).

By creating "new" choices for your customers, you have a much better chance of capturing their interest and their business. With just a little thought, you can transform your one- dimensional business into a "31 flavors" success!

About the Author

Author Sean Sampson is founder and owner of EnterMania.com, which is one of the Internet's largest on-line sources for how-to information products for entrepreneurs and business professionals. To find out more about the great products and services available, just visit http://www.entermania2k2.com -- Sean can be contacted at mailto:seanc2k@prodigy.net.

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