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Customer Leverage Strategies or Mining for Gold!

By Jennifer Stewart

In order to succeed in anything, you must try to identify the smallest number of actions that produce the biggest benefits in business, this means capitalising on your greatest asset your existing customers.

Everyone knows that referrals are the best form of advertising; a customer referred by a friend is already half-sold. You know yourself, if you're new to an area and looking for a plumber, doctor or hairdresser, you ask your neighbours. These people have done all the groundwork for you; they've rung around for the best prices, they've made appointments and had work done and they must have been happy with the results, mustn't they, otherwise they wouldn't be recommending the business?

We humans are funny little critters - we all love to be asked for our advice so we enjoy referring others to those businesses we like.

The best way to harness this team of willing advertisers, is to simply ask them for their help, so here are five simple ways you can begin obtaining customer referrals for your business:

1. Offer outrageous service and quality products so your customers will want to recommend you.

2. Explain that you pride yourself on maintaining high standards and that your business depends on referrals for the bulk of its business.

3. Ask to be recommended e.g. "Once I've done a great job for you, I hope youll tell all your friends/colleagues." Smile as you say this, if speaking face to face with customers. Include this as a P.S. in written communication.

4. Ask specifically if your happy customer will write to others recommending your business. Say something like, "I promise not to be upset if you use words like fantastic or outstanding!"

5. Thank those who do send you referrals; it can be a note or a small gift (perhaps a discount voucher, a gift voucher or tickets to a movie for offline customers).

Never be afraid to ask for help from your satisfied customers try these methods and watch your referrals increase.

About the Author

Jennifer Stewart offers professional writing services to clients from around the globe. Visit http://www.write101.com for your FREE online writing course. Subscribe to The Write Way and receive weekly writing tips every Friday click now: mailto:WritngTips-subscribe@onelist.com?subject=Referrals

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